October 9-10


Study It – Humanity becoming nations, Genesis 10:1-11:26

Read: Genesis 11:1-9.

  • There is a lot of hope for the line of people that leads to Abraham. But what about the rest of the nations? What hope do they have? See what God says to Abraham in Genesis 22:17-18 to see their hope. What is our role as followers of God with the nations (see Matthew 28:19-20)?

Meditation and Prayer

Meditate on Psalm 97:6: “O you who love the LORD, hate evil! He preserves the lives of his saints; he delivers them from the hand of the wicked.”

Respond: “Father, help me to abide in you to be more faithful in ___________.”


Worship and Silence

Worship along with this song. Spend a few minutes after in silence.

I Ate Them Spotify playlist


Consume It

Numbers 3-4


  • Thank God for the things of the day.
  • Pray for one another.